STEM Week 2022

STEM Week- Growth
This year the theme for STEM week was growth. We had three jam packed afternoons exploring and investigating different questions related to growth.
Knowledge Growth
As part of STEM Week, the children focused on 'knowledge growth' where they had to work together to overcome challenges and find solutions.
They had lots of fun experimenting with perspective to create optical illusions and using different materials to create bubble wands!
Plants Growth
In EYFS and KS1, we learnt about the different parts of a plant and conducted a celery experiment to see how plants get water.
In Year 1/2 we had fun going on a plant hunt around school looking for the parts of a plant. We had to find stems, leaves, roots and flower heads. Next we created a life cycle of a sunflower and designed our own plant posters.
In Year 3/4, we learnt about the different soil layers and then made our own edible soil.  
Humans and Animals Growth
We discussed how humans and animals change and grow. We conducted an experiment to measure and compare the heights, head spans, hand spans and feet spans across school. Next we had to create a human life cycle with some familiar photos! The children enjoyed using photos from some adults in school to create a life cycle.
STEM in Early Years
Nursery and Reception have enjoyed investigating and experimenting this week! We have learnt a lot about growth in terms of plants and animals growing, our bodies growing and our knowledge growing.