STEM week - May 2021

On Monday, we investigated the question 'How does gravity work?'
We looked at astronauts travelling in space capsules and discussed how they safely travel back without hurting themselves. The children were given a range of materials to create their own parachute for an egg (astronaut). 
Enjoy looking through our experiment of egg parachutes. If you look closely you may see some unfortunate eggs exiting their parachute a little too early!
On Tuesday, we investigated the question 'How strong are structures?' 
We looked at different structures around the world. By using shape manipulatives we discovered that triangles are a strong structural shape. We then had a go trying to build our own structures using blue tac, spaghetti and marshmallows. 
On Wednesday, we investigated the question 'What team skills do people working in STEM have?'
We had three activities to do. We had to make a vertical marble run, create a stop motion video and make a lolly pop stick catapult. We used a range of team skills such as communication, time management, resilience, respect and problem solving. We all worked well as a team!