PE and Sports Grant


The government provides funding to all primary schools to improve physical education (PE) and sport in schools. This money must be used to improve provision of school sport and promote sport as part of healthy lifetstyles.

As a result we are very proud of our sports provision at Mickley, sport plays a significant role across school with the aim to provide the best opportunities for all our young people. Sporting provision at Mickley is fully inclusive, involves competitive & non-competive sport, is available to every young person from nursery age upwards and is cross curricular.

Our sports provision includes comptetitive sports each half term, playing against local schools, this includes football, netball, fencing, tag rugby and gymnastics as well as several other sports. We currently have 84 children in school, we usually take two teams of eight to the competition which includes children from Years 2,3 & 4. This has an impact of the children's self esteem and sporting skills. We offer two free sports club each half term as well as gymnastics club led by a professional coach. These clubs are well attended and up to 50% of children attend these. Our funding also pays for a coach to work with children in nursery, developing key skills at an early age. We embrace all aspects of PE and sport, our curriculum and provision includes dance, gymnastcis and games.

The impact of our PE and Sports provision is that all children take part in Sport whatever their age or ability. We track attendance at clubs and adapt our provision to ensure boys and girls have equal access. We have a rising attendance at clubs and are aware of talents that would otherwise not be noticed, an example of this has been in gymnastics where two boys were identified as having a talent that could be developed through attending an external Gym Club. By offering the clubs for free, we ensure that all children can attend. Coaches recognise talent and suggest routes for children to follow. Our funding has allowed us to develop an assessment package that can quantify progress. Our staff work in partnership with sports professionals, developing their skills and knowledge and allowing children to access sports previously not offered, such as fencing.

In brief each academic year we receive £8300 which is used to meet the following objectives -

Physical literacy across school.

Development of an assessment system that includes self evaluation.

Pupils to become sports leaders at their level.

Develop leadership across school for PE and sport

Access Change4Life activities and resources

Increase fitness and activity levels across school

Increase and develop already good levels of competitive and non competitive sport, including non-school based competitions.

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