Our Curriculum

Mickley First School Curriculum


During a child’s time at Mickley, we offer a comprehensive and exciting curriculum that provides the foundations for ALL children to achieve their aspirations.  Concepts are delivered in a progressive way, allowing children to become confident, ambitious, resilient citizens with a life-long love of learning.



We review our curriclum regularly to ensure that it is best suited to our learners’ needs.  Each curriculum area has a subject-specific vision and coverage is reviewed by subject leaders and the senior leadership team.  Our curriculum is delivered around 5 big ideas (coherance, represenation and structure, subject-specific thinking, fluencey and variation).  We also strive to ensure that the lessons we deliver are knowledge-rich, skills-led and we understand that context is everthing.  In addition to our timetabled planning, we offer additional focus weeks to enhance and consolidate learning opportunities.  These include STEM weeks, Art/DT projects, careers weeks and additional work with the local community.



We measure the impact in a range of ways.  We use ongoing formative and summative assessment methods to track the progress of all children in school.  We also use less formal methods to monitor the impact of teaching and learning such as pupil questionnaires and communicating with parents and carers.  Our Governing body  support the senior leadership team to carry out planned monitoring of all subjects as detailed in our vigorous and comprehensive monitoring timetable and subject leaders are proactive in measuring the impact within their subject area(s).