SEND in Science

SEND- Aims and Equal Access in Science
Aims- How are we providing an ambitious curriculum for all pupils, including SEND, allowing them all to make progress from their individual starting points? 
  • We must be aware that a child’s scientific ability and enquiring mind is not directly related to their writing or maths ability.
  • Children should be given the opportunity to create their own investigations with support appropriate to their SEN learning barriers.
  • Children must be given the opportunity to ask their own questions as well as complete teacher-led enquiries.
Equal access - How are we adapting  each subject in order to help all pupils, including those with SEND, to make progress from their starting point?
  • Children will have access to a visual knowledge strip to support children's substantive knowledge and prior learning.
  • All classrooms have visual and visible working walls to support science vocabulary development. Working walls will have friendly definitions with pictures as prompts. 
  • Children have the opportunities to work in mixed ability groups during science discussions and experiments to support children's substantive and disciplinary knowledge.