SEND in Religious Education

SEND - Aims and Equal Access in Religious Education (RE)
Aims- How are we providing an ambitious curriculum for all pupils, including SEND, allowing them all to make progress from their individual starting points?
  • We are ambitious and inclusive for all children when teaching RE.
  • RE enables children to ask their own personal questions to find out more about the world around them. 
  • We are aware that a child's enquiring mind is not directly related to their writing and mathematics ability.
  • Children should be given the opportunity to create their own investigations with support appropriate to their SEN learning barriers. 
Equal access - How are we adapting each subject in order to help all pupils, including those with SEND, to make progress from their starting point?
  • RE lessons recap the prior knowledge, key facts and vocabulary from previous learning. 

  • Visual links to keywords and festivals to support recalling key parts of religious beliefs.
  • Spiral curriculum allows the children to make links to previous religions that they have learnt about throughout their time at school.

  • Support with being able to share their opinions and beliefs clearly to their their peers.