SEND- Aims and Equal Access in PSCHE
Aims - How are we providing an ambitious curriculum for all pupils, including SEND, allowing them all to make progress from their individual starting points?
  • Children are able to decide upon and share their opinion. Children can say why they feel the way they do.
  • All children regardless of ability should feel as though their opinion and contribution is valued and valid.
  • Children know ways to keep safe and happy and how to seek help/support if they consider themselves not to be.
Equal access - How are we adapting  each subject in order to help all pupils, including those with SEND, to make progress from their starting point?
  • Emotions and self regulating strategies are modelled in order for children to identify their emotions and use safe/appropriate strategies independently or with support.
  • Seating plans and talk partners are carefully thought out to ensure every child's opinion is valued.
  • Ensuring sharing time is a safe place and these rules and boundaries are reminded before each session.
  • Revisiting and giving opportunities to stay physically, emotionally and mentally safe and what they can if they are not.
  • Providing visual aids to support structure/routines/rules to ensure every child feels safe and know who they can go to for support.