SEND in English

SEND - Aims and Equal Access in English
Aims - How are we providing an ambitious curriculum for all pupils, including SEND, allowing them all to make progress from their individual starting points?

All children are able to communicate their needs in written form. They are able to recognise and spell high frequency words. They will have a basic understanding of what is required to write a main clause and how to add some detail.  Opportunities are provided for pupils to develop their speaking and listening skills over time.

Equal access - How are we adapting each subject in order to help all pupils, including those with SEND, to make progress from their starting point?
  • Children are supplied with resources that are suitable for their ability - word banks, work scaffolding
  • Pre-teaching where required
  • Verbal feedback with models given to support the children’s independence
  • Opportunities to type on a laptop using programmes such as 'Clicker' if handwriting is a barrier
  • Small group speaking and listening activities are planned to build confidence and independence