School Values & Ethos

 At Mickley First School our aim is to ensure everyone has the best opportunities and reaches their full potential.

School aims

At Mickley, a small school with big ambitions we aim to develop independence, a love of learning and confidence to succeed.

  • Pupil success

To enable every child to be motivated and fascinated in their own learning.   To enjoy the rewards of success in a variety of areas within he curriculum and school environment so that they can achieve their full potential. For every pupil to be able to build on their achievements which will enable them to access the world around them and make a valuable contribution in later life.

  • Equal opportunities

To offer and promote equal opportunities through respect for one another and appreciate cultural diversity within our wider community and beyond.

  • Teamwork

All staff and governors will work in partnership with children and families and the wider community to support pupils in achieving their potential.

  •  Learning environment

To provide an inspirational, caring and exciting learning experience with access to new opportunities where each child feels confident, valued, safe and happy. For every child to have the courage to persevere on tasks and be able to have the self-confidence to question the world around them and seek challenge. 

We believe these aims are reflected across all aspects of school, visitors comment on the welcoming nature of school and the range of activities we get through in a year is reflected in our galleries, showcasing some of the things we get up to!

As a small school we have a strong sense of community and our accommodation provides plenty of space for learning. We are proud of our links with the local community, we take part in Northumbria in Bloom, we have strong links with the National Trust property at Cherryburn and offer opportunities for the wider community to get involved with school. We also have links with schools in the area through our Sport Partnership and the Prudhoe Partnership, which sees event such as the Pupil Voice Conference taking place every year. Our work with the community led to winning several Love Northumberland Awards. We aim to involve parents in every aspect of the school, we offer a chance to be involved in school life. Parents can join children for lunch, we invite parents to join us in celebrating success as well as joining us at the usual whole school events such as plays and church services. We enter pupils into sports festivals and competitions, with teams being successful in football, gymnastics and athletics.

Our commitment is to providing fun and exciting opportunities for all pupils. After school clubs work in partnership with our Wrap Around care provision. Our offer is varied and includes karate, football, cricket, french, cookery, knitting, tag rugby, fencing etc and are open to all age groups where ever possible. Our curriculum is enhanced through educational visits and support from specialits teachers, such as our Science Days, music tuition from Mr Radford and Mr Dudley, externally led workshops and initiatives such as Art Challenges. Just have a look at the gallery page to get an idea of the sorts of things we pack into our school year. We believe all staff play a role in the education of children, our caretaker and unit manager are involved in all aspects of school, such as supporting gardening club & cookery club.

 Comments from parents about their involvement in school are very positive, we listen to feedback and always act upon it. As a school we are always looking forward; making sure we offer the very best of opportunities and ensuring everyone achieves.

What parents and visitors say about our school -

"The children are very happy and behaviour is excellent"

"...think that it is excellent that we are encouraged to come into school."