Pushes and Pulls

In Year 1 and 2 we have started a new science unit: Pushes and Pulls. We have conducted lot's of experiments to investigate predictions. 
How can we make objects move?
We went around school to explore what objects we could move with a push or pull force. We made verbal predictions before experimenting by trying to push or pull an object. 
Do all objects need the same amount of force to move?
In this lesson we explored small and large push forces. We tried to find objects that required a small push force, like using a finger, and other objects that required a large push force. We discovered that an empty chair on wheels needs a small push force but if we sit on the chair we make it heavier so it needs a large push force! Everyone had fun sitting on the chair and having a go using a large push force to make the chair move. 
How can we make objects travel further?
In this lesson, we learnt about friction. We learnt that smooth surfaces create less friction so objects can travel further but rough surfaces creates high friction so objects may not travel as far. We used surface ramps to conduct an experiment to see which surface will make the car travel the furthest. Everyone in class choose 4 surface ramps and made a prediction. Together in groups children took it in turns to hold the ramps and let the car go to see how far the car would travel. We used a metre stick to measure how far the car travelled.