1. What uniform does my child have to wear?
    Red jumper/cardigan, skirt/trousers, summer dress, suitable socks, sensible flat black shoes

  2. Where can I purchase the uniform from and for how much?
    The PTA organise this and can be contacted through the school office.

  3. How much are school meals and how are they paid?
    Meals are £1.95 and paid weekly

  4. Am I entitled to free school meals?
    Please contact the office who will advise on the process

  5. Does this school operate a Healthy Schools policy?

  6. Can children bring snacks into school for break time?
    All children receive fruit as a snack should they want it.

  7. What do the children need to wear for P.E.?
    White T-shirt, black shorts and sand shoes

  8. How often are P.E. lessons a week?
    At least twice a week.

  9. Are there any extra curriculum activities?
    We try and offer a variety of activities across the year.

  10. Is there an SMS texting system to contact us with any information?
    Not at he moment but we are looking into it and would be happy to contact via email.

  11. What are the arrangements for illness or absence?
    To inform school the morning of the first absence

  12. Are there any school charges for trips?
    Yes, we work out the minimum amount to cover the visit but we look to subsidise visits where possible.